Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Flashback: IYB 2010 Photo Competition

13Almond treeFungusLeatherback hatchling Bare-eyed ThrushGreen Honeycreeper
Humming birdLadybugIguanaRed brocket deerRed mangrovePawi
Scarlet IbisLeatherback hatchlingPomeracPortugese Man of WarOcelotOrchid blossom
White-necked Jacobin12111098
Here are a few of the amazing photo entries received by the EPPD for its Photographic Competition in commemoration of the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) 2010!

The competition was held to bring awareness to and showcase the most beautifully captured examples of local biological diversity by amateur photographers. We thought they deserved to be shared again ^_^

Monday, 30 January 2012

Welcome to our blog!

To kick off, we would like to firstly introduce ourselves. We are the Environmental Policy and Planning Division (EPPD), a division of professionals within the Ministry of he Environment and Water Resources of Trinidad and Tobago which is geared toward enhancing the element of sustainability within the strategic planning process of the Government.Within the EPPD, there is the Multilateral Environmental Agreements Unit (MEAU), which has T&T's international and regional environmental treaties as its key focus.

We accomplish our main goal by taking into account the social, economic and environmental considerations, since humans and the environment are co-existent, and then crafting policy to guide domestic actions based on these considerations.

In the interest of becoming better known by our stakeholders, we are taking advantage of the opportunity that ICT has so wonderfully provided for us by creating a new information dissemination mechanism (a blog!). We, the staff of the EPPD, therefore welcome you to the start of our activities blog, aimed at making you aware of what we do and its significance on a national scale.

Please subscribe to our blog in the sidebar by: submitting your email address, joining the site as a follower, or subscribing to our RSS feed to receive notifications about new posts. We look forward to keeping you, as our stakeholder, better informed in the future.

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