Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Coming soon! - Climate Change Stakeholder Consultation

Discussion on the Objectives of the Climate Change Policy and Recommendations Made for Amendments to Existing Legislation

During the week of Monday 5th November 2012, various stakeholder consultations will be held in both Trinidad  and Tobago.

These consultations are being held as a part of the implementation of a project spearheaded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. These partners have developed and are executing the project geared at mainstreaming climate change into national development and capacity building for participation in carbon markets.

The project seeks to support the development of the regulatory, institutional and policy framework required to reduce emissions, protect against climate impacts and incentivise investments in low-carbon technologies.

With this in mind, a consortium of Narinesingh, Ramlogan and Co. and Climate Focus will be holding discussions with stakeholders on the objectives of the Climate Change Policy and the recommended amendments to existing legislation to mainstream and integrate climate change across all sectors.

For further information about the project and the stakeholder consultation, kindly review the following documents: