Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Implementing the Green Government Policy

The official Green Government Policy (GGP), which was approved in 2011, emphasizes the need for conserving domestic resources and reducing pollution locally. More specifically, it seeks to minimize the adverse effects of Government's operations on the environment. It is ultimately envisioned that the principles set out in this Policy will be integrated into the routine operations of the government.


In support of the GGP, the Environmental Policy and Planning Division (EPPD) has piloted several initiatives aimed at integrating some of the Policy's elements into our everyday operations. Some of these initiatives include the collection and recycling plastic and glass bottles, styrofoam containers as well as used paper, newspapers, cardboard and ink cartridges. The recycling drive was recently formalized through the procurement and installation of recycling bins at our offices in San Juan.

A composter (as seen below) was also installed for collection of organic wastes. Composting organic materials helps to reduce the volume of solid waste entering the landfills and in the long run, reduces the production of methane and leachate formulation in the landfills. 

In conjunction with these initiatives, the EPPD along with representatives from the Green Fund and the Basel Regional Coordinating Centre, has established a Committee to evaluate and record the success of these initiatives for use by other Government offices and agencies. The Committee is also charged with investigating other mechanisms through which the policy can be actualized. 

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